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Auscas Trading Pty Ltd

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Text Box: For use in the Small Goods industry for sausage manufacture.  Auscas Trading deals in green runners and salted/cleaned and selected casings in lamb/sheep, hog, beef and goat.

Natural Casings

Text Box: Edible casings processed from natural protein 
Edible casings processed from animal protein
Inedible casings processed from animal protein

Collagen Casings

For use in the Small Goods industry for sausage and meat manufacture.

Cellulose Equivalent / Polyamide Casings

From sheep/lamb, beef, hog and goats for use in food, pet food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries., Offals including tails, trachea, livers, kidneys, tongues and hearts and Byproducts including skins, tallow and blood. Products can be sourced from USDA, EU and/or Halal approved establishments. Contact us with your requirements.

Calf Vells rennet - used in the manufacture of cheese.


Specializing in job lot parcels, surplus/distressed stock in Household Consumables, Toys, Clothing, Shoes, Cosmetics, Baby Items , Household Products, Homeware, Food Items , Auto Accessories , Computer, Health & Beauty, Giftware, Lingerie, Fashion Accessories, Toiletries, Stationery, Manchester, Confectionery, Electrical, Travel goods, Fragrance / Perfumes. Contact us with your requirements/offer.

General Trading

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Product List

Shrink bags for vacuum packaging, storing and sale of sausages, meats, specialties and cheeses.

Shrink Bags

Offals and By Products