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· Natural Casings are made from the sub mucosa, a largely collagen layer of the intestine. The fat and the inner mucosa lining are removed.

· Hog and Sheep Casings are sold in "bundles" or "hanks." This unit of measure equals approximately 91 meters (100 yards).

· Natural Casings are also sold in bundles called "shorts." Shorts are 1 to 2 meter usually.  


Diam.           Capacity       Product Examples

30 mm/-         41 kg/-          Pork Sausage

30-32 mm      41-45 kg       Frankfurters, Italian Sausage

32-35 mm      48-52 kg       Pork Sausage, Bratwurst,

                                        Frankfurters, Italian Sausage

35-38 mm      52-57 kg       Smoked Sausage, Pepperoni,

                                        Bratwurst, Italian  Sausage

38-42 mm      57-61 kg       Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa,

                                        Pepperoni, Rope Sausage

42-44 mm      59-64 kg       Smoked Sausage, Kielbasa,


44 mm/+        61-68 kg      Speciality Items

Hog Casings

Sheep Casings are the highest quality small diameter casings used for the finest sausages.

Diam.        Capacity     Product Examples

16-18mm     15-16kg      Frankfurters, Beer Stix

18-20mm    17-18kg      Fresh Pork Sausages, Frankfurters

20-22mm    21-23kg      Fresh Pork Sausages, Frankfurters,


22-24mm    25-27kg     Frankfurters, Cabanosa, Chipolata

24-26mm    27-29kg     Frankfurters, Bockwurst, Cabanosa

26-28mm    29-31kg      Frankfurters, Bockwurst, Cabanosa

28mm/+      31-34kg      Frankfurters, Landjaeger

Sheep Casings