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About Us

Auscas Trading emerged in 2004, from a major partnership which spanned 21 years, as an innovative trading company specializing in animal products.  With more than 35 years experience in the meat and associated industries, trading with more than 40 countries, we have a wealth of knowledge in the supply of animal products to the food, pet food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries worldwide.

We have an extensive supply network and established supply arrangements in place with key animal producers both in Australia and overseas.  This ensures we can provide a consistent high quality service to our customers and source product to meet both product specifications and their countries regulatory standards/import specifications.

As demand has changed and new markets emerged we have invested heavily in alternatives to natural casings, and have exclusivity arrangements in place to distribute collagen casings and innovative cellulose equivalent/ polyamide casings.  

We will continue with our commitment to research and development so that we can offer our customers the best informed choice available.